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The New 'Boss'

Bos Taurus was founded by Owner Operators Chelton and Jane Crow who reinvented the former iconic bar and restaurant to create Mansfield's first authentic steakhouse style bistro, bar and grill.


The venue also showcases the areas only artisan butchery dedicated to supplying premium beef from Australia's best producers. The butchery is uniquely on display and a retail butchery is on-site for take home meats.


The Bos Species


Cattle were originally identified as three separate species:

I. Bos Taurus > The European or 'Taurine' Cattle

II. Bos Indicus > The Zebu

III. Bos Primigenius > The Aurochs (now extinct)

Bos Taurus Cattle were adapted to cooler climates whereas the Bos Indicus species suited a warmer climate. These have been reclassified as one species > Bos Taurus - with three subspecies:

I. Bos Taurus Primigenius

II. Bos Taurus Indicus

III. Bos Taurus Taurus

Our venue has been coined after this, with specific reference to the breeds associated with cooler climates - including our specialty - Black Angus Beef.


The Zodiac Bull


Taurus - Latin for 'The Bull' > April 21 - May 21

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac established among the ancient Mesopotamians, who knew it as the bull of heavenThe bull represents a strong-willed character with great perseverance and determination.

In Egypt, Taurus was seen as the Cow Goddess Hathor - She represented all of the riches seen in cattle as the providers of nourishment.

For centuries since, The bull has been a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility and power. Taureans are through to be persevering, sensuous and strong individuals who can also be bull-headed' and determined when they have a goal in mind.

Oh... and Chelton just happens to be a Taurus.


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